Eitan Fishbein

Eitan Fishbein
Realtor Associate
Eitan Fishbein is a real estate agent and investor in South Florida. Having come from a multi-generational line of real estate developers, Eitan was exposed to real estate from an early age and the idea of adding value to a piece of property was always appealing. After a successful career in sales and finance, Eitan quit his job at age 27 to start his own real estate business. He began in 2014 with fix and flips and has expanded into multi-family projects and higher end properties. A native of Potomac, Maryland, Eitan received his B.A. in Economics from Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania. Eitan has lived in Delray Beach since 2008 and spends much of his free time with his wife Elanna and French bulldog, Enzo.