Buying a Home in South Florida with FHA? Read This.


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Are you a concerned or frustrated FHA buyer?

In this article, we’re not going to talk about how things were and how the market was… we’re here to talk about how it isĀ  — What we see in Boca Raton, Delray Beach and neighboring South Florida cities with our clients every day.

The Nature of the Beast

FHA loans are insured by a government agency. It is an insurance fund, the loan of which borrowers have to get from an approved Lender. There are other mortgage steps but we’re talking real estate – The appraisal has to be done by an approved appraiser, which will more than likely appraise the home for much less, sometimes several thousand dollars less, even below fair market value, and sellers in this area don’t want to lower their prices to be that low.

What do you do?

Our advice is this: View home purchasing as a business venture. Real estate can easily get emotional, but after you and your agent research and make sure that FHA will be accepted by the seller and the community/HOA if applicable, look at the home as you would a solid investments or business transaction.

Know that it may very well take months and several offers before finally closing on a home. Be sure to research beforehand and during for tips and advise and get more clarity on the details as they are in real-life.

In a bind with your FHA home buying process? Don’t be dismayed. Our team is capable of helping your search.

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